Who Is Richard Sam Lehman?

The concept of tax settlement.


Richard Sam Lehman, Esq. is a tax attorney who has been practicing in South Florida for nearly fifty years. He is a tax attorney his clients can trust to handle complex tax dilemmas that require significant expertise and experience. Richard Sam Lehman has both. If you are a businessman, accountant, lawyer, foreign investor, or other individual who is in need of tax law help, Richard Sam Lehman is the lawyer to turn to.

Richard Lehman graduated from the Georgetown University School of Law with his J.D. Realizing that he wanted to pursue a career in tax law, he then attended New York University where he earned a Master’s degree in tax law. Upon graduating, Richard Lehman clerked two years for the Honorable William M. Fay. Judge Fay was a judge on the United States Tax Court in Washington, D.C.

Richard Sam Lehman has worked in tax law in both the private and public sectors. For example, he worked as the Senior Attorney of the Interpretive Division of the Chief Counsels office at the IRS, which is the IRS’s internal law firm. Mr. Lehman also was a partner in one of the nation’s largest law firms, but he decided that owning and managing is own practice was the best way to serve his clients.

Today, Richard Sam Lehman is the owner of the practice, Lehman Tax Law.  He helps clients who are struggling with the complexities of the U.S. Tax Law and need assistance from someone who has nearly fifty years of experience in tax law. Recently, he has helped clients understand the changes to the tax code and develop tax strategies that best fit their needs. Mr. Lehman can help American taxpayers and non-resident aliens and foreign corporations investing in the United States as well as domestic citizens and corporations investing abroad.

Richard Sam Lehman is known as an attorney who won’t back down from the toughest tax cases, and he is available to handle cases, ranging from developing sophisticated income tax and estate tax plans to defending clients before the IRS. You can learn more about Richard Lehman’s practice and expertise and request a consultation with Mr. Lehman here.



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